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Courses Offered

Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks

Course Description:
Develops the extensive familiarity with the accounting information system and accounting concepts.

Topics include:

  • The role and basic regulation of the accounting profession
  • Books of accounts & accounting cycle
  • Financial statement preparation and basic analysis
  • Conceptual framework and key principles, assumptions and constraints of generally accepted accounting principles (US GAAP)

Students will use small-business accounting software (QuickBooks) to learn how source documents and other information are captured by the accounting information system and converted into financial statements and other useful output.
The course concludes with a project that simulates real-life accounting work for a small business.

Course Outline

Session #

Financial Accounting


Session 1

Introduction to accounting

Downloading QuickBooks Simple Start

Session 2

Basic financial information

Creating a new data file

Session 3

Capturing economic events

Working with Lists

Session 4

Accruals and deferrals

Chart of accounts

Session 5

Reporting financial results

Working with items

Session 6

Merchandising activities

Billing and invoicing customers

Session 7

Financial assets

Receiving payments and monitor customer payment status

Session 8

Inventory and cost of goods sold

Checks and Expenses

Session 9

Plant and intangible assets

Reconciling bank accounts

Session 10



Session 11

Stockholder’s equity


Session 12

Income, changes in Retained Earnings and Statement of Cash Flow

General journal

Sessions 13-15


Working through the last month of the year of a small business, closing the month and the year, communications with CPA.

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